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Starlite is range of synthetic resin based paints of proven performance which is the top coat in the Starlite finishing system. This system is mainly formulated for use on rail coaches, commercial vehicles, tractors, country crafts, motors boats etc., but can generally be used where high class performances is called for. This product is suitable for application on steel, aluminum, wood and other surfaces both for exterior and interior use after suitable priming.

Starlite is tough and will stand upto abrasion by knocks scratches etc. that are bound to happen in service the finish after complete curing will have good resistance to splashing of lubricating oil petrol, diesel oil etc.

Starlite as supplied is ready for brushing if any dilution is found necessary thinner can be used.


Shades Offered

Available in all industrial shades.


Drying Time

Dust free

1 hour

Tack free

3 hours to 4 hours

Tape Test

48 hours

Air drying time may be differ depending on temperature


Covering Capacity

15-20 sq. metres per coat (at 20-25 micron dry film) 10-12 sq. metres per coat (at 35-40 micron dry film)

Pack size

Available in 20 litres, 4 litres and 1 litres.

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