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POLYURETHANE finish with excellent color and gloss stability, Good resistant to Acids, Alkalis, Salt spray, solvents, lubricants and weathering properties like saline and marine atmosphere. Its beauty, durability and overall performance are unsurpassed by any other painting system. Its features and benefits are :-

  • Ability to produce good films at room temperature equipment to those obtained from stoving paint with major gain in energy conservation.
  • Coatings are more abrasion resistance with long life flexibility, impact resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance properties.
  • Easy to apply and fast drying.
  • Good dielectric properties.
  • And hence recommended as a "TOP COAT FINISH"
  • In automotive Industry, particularly in the vehicle repair as it gives a more rapid hardening than other refinish paints with high gloss film with good scratch resistance properties.
  • High Volume farming equipment, transportation vehicles where stoving is difficult like Buses, Trailers, Railways Coaches, Earth moving equipment and Tractors.
  • In Mansonary coatings where good alkali resistance and pore filling properties are required.
  • Wood, Floor and Furniture coatings.
  • Chemical, Fertilizer, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), storage tank, Petrochemical Industries and Refineries.
  • On any substrate like Plastics, Metals, non-Metals, Fibre-glass, Aluminium.
  • In ultra-violet Resistance coatings.
  • Electrical fittings.

Shades Offered

Available in all industrial shades.

Drying Time:-

a. Surface Dry        

25-30 minutes @ 30°c

b. Tack Free           

3-4 hours @ 30°c.

c. Hard Dry             

24 hours

d. Fully cured          

7 days for solvent & chemical resistance when applied to metallic surface

e. Recoat intervals   

8 - 12 hours.


Covering Capacity

20-25 sq. metre per litre in thickness of coating 20 micron, depending on surface area.

Pack size

Available in dual pack in ratio of 9:1, pack size available in 20 litres and 4 liters.

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