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Epoxy paint is based on Non-yellowing fatty acid modified Epoxy- Amino thermosetting high temperature baking systems. This system is useful in industrial applications for refrigerators, water filters, Kitchen applications, washing machines, drum linings & decorative finishes, Because of rapid curing at room temperature and excellent toughness and abrasion resistance, resistance to heat, oil, Alcohols Acid & salty weather. It is suitably modified with the combination of resins and additives to impart good flexibility, abrasion resistance, color retention & improved adhesion. Its key properties are:-

  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Unaffected by vegetable Oil, Grease, Aliphatic Solvents.
  • Excellent adhesion on mild steels & aluminum.
  • Good resistant to water, alcohol, Ketonic solvents & chemicals (Direct Immersion is not advisable )
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Good Mechanical Strength & abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent flexibility & Hardness.
  • Increased Cross-linking at high temperature (140-150o C) of modified Epoxy -Amino systems gives better adhesion, toughness. & durability which reduces water permeability of paint film.
  • System withstands up to 100-120o C.

Shades Offered

Available in all industrial shades.

Drying Time

Surface dry in 1 hours, touch dry in 3 hours and hard dry in 18 hours.

Covering Capacity

18 sq. metre per litre in thickness of coating 20 micron.

Pack size

Available in dual pack in ratio 4:1, pack size available in 20 litre and 4 litre.

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