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Acrylic Emulsion


This paint is based on an emulsion of an advanced type of synthetic resin which is tough and fast drying. The emulsion is properly stabilised and pigmented with high opacity non-chalking light fast and alkali resistant pigments.
As a water-based high-build 100% acrylic emulsion, it has unmatched anti-fungal, anti-flaking and anti-fading properties. Hair-line cracks are easily bridged because of its superior adhesion and plasticity. Growth of fungi and algae is curbed, and the blackening they cause in other exterior finishes prevented, by its broad spectrum biocides and fungicides. Besides, its unique one-way barrier - a special osmotic quality of the paint film - allows it to breathe out moisture without absorbing any - thus protecting the brickwork and concrete.


Shades Offered

Available  in all beautiful shades.


Drying Time

Starlite acrylic emulsion paint surface dries in about 1 to 2 hour.

Covering Capacity

16 to 18 sq. metres per litre per coat.

Pack size

Available in 20 litres and 4 litres.

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